Access to lanthanoid telluride nanoparticles: Liquid exfoliation of LnTe3 (Ln = La, Ho)

T. A. Pomelova, V. K. Muraveva, T. Yu Podlipskaya, S. E. Khandarkhaeva, N. A. Nebogatikova, I. V. Yushina, E. Ya Gatapova, S. Cordier, N. G. Naumov

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Although many of the nanoparticles containing lanthanoids are deeply investigated, the reports concerning chalcogenide materials are scarce. Comprehensive exploration of properties of these materials requires a proper preparation method avoiding hydrolysis and contamination with oxygen-containing products. Hence, in this case, the top-down approach could be preferable. In this study we demonstrated preparation of LnTe3 (Ln = La, Ho) nanoparticles by liquid exfoliation method. Bulk tritellurides LaTe3 and HoTe3 afford stable dispersions in a number of common organic solvents under ultrasonic treatment. The size and morphology of nanoparticles in colloid solutions as well as films prepared from them were investigated by a number of methods (AFM, TEM, DLS, XRD, Raman). LnTe3 form stable dispersions in alcoholic media with concentration up to 165 mg/L. In these dispersions nanoparticles exist as 1–2 layered charged flakes with lateral size 50–80 nm. The nanoparticles can be reassembled as films, which demonstrated orientation along 0 k 0 direction.

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ЖурналMaterials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology
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