A Technique for Detecting Subpicosecond Reflection or Transmission Kinetics

G. M. Borisov, V. G. Gol’dort, A. A. Kovalyov, D. V. Ledovskikh, N. N. Rubtsova

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A double-modulation technique was developed and tested experimentally for the detection of the kinetics of reflection of subpicosecond pulses of probe near-IR radiation from a sample (or transmission through it) after the action of exciting radiation pulses. A probe signal is detected at a frequency that is equal to the sum of stabilized unequal frequencies of interrupting exciting and probe radiations, thus permitting the elimination of the contribution of scattered exciting radiation from the valid signal. When detecting the semiconductor- sample reflectance kinetics with a time resolution of 0.13 ps, the reflection sensitivity ΔR/R = 5 × 10–6was reached.

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ЖурналInstruments and Experimental Techniques
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