A new earth's climate system model of intermediate complexity, PlaSim-ICMMG-1.0: Description and performance

G. Platov, V. Krupchatnikov, Yu Martynova, I. Borovko, E. Golubeva

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We describe a new intermediate complexity model (PlaSim-ESM-ICMMG-v.1.0) constructed by coupling the Planet Simulator [1-2] with ocean and sea-ice models. We demonstrate the results of climate simulation using PlaSim-ICMMG-v.1.0 considering global fields of surface air temperature, precipitation, sea surface temperature, and ocean circulation, and make comparisons with the results obtained using the original PlaSim version. PlaSim-ICMMG-v.1.0 reproduces the main features of the climate system reasonably well and demonstrates that it is useful for climate system modeling. Due to the rapid warming in the Arctic, there are major challenges associated with the mechanisms that regulate the dynamics of weather in the mid-latitudes. The new earth's system model of intermediate complexity PlaSim-ICMMG-v.1.0 can be used to deal with these challenges.

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ЖурналIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
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