A layered Ag(I)-based coordination polymer showing sky-blue luminescence and antibacterial activity

Maxim I. Rogovoy, Alexey S. Berezin, Yuliya N. Kozlova, Denis G. Samsonenko, Alexander V. Artem'ev

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Reaction of 2-methylthiopyrazine (L) with AgClO4 produces layered coordination polymer (CP), [Ag2L2(ClO4)] n(ClO4)n, in 95% yield. The two-dimensional layers of the latter are assembled from the [Ag2L2(ClO4)] units, in which two metal atoms are bridged by two 2-methylthiopyrazine ligands (μ2-N,S) and one [ClO4] anion to provide short Ag⋯Ag contact of 2.9776(3) Å. At ambient temperature, this CP manifests solid state sky-blue emission consisting of fluorescence and phosphorescence components with the lifetimes of 3.5 ns and 7 ms, respectively. Moreover, the CP being water soluble exhibits antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus.

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