Место философской школы в античном городе: Академия Платона и Дом Прокла в Афинах

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This work is dedicated to the history of Academy in Athens in early and late periods of its existence. I will first consider Academy in the time of Plato and then switch to the Athenian school of Neoplatonism (“the House of Proclus”) in the period of late antiquity. Using both archaeological and written evidences, fortunately sufficient in case of both of these institutions, I intend to draw a picture of their physical location and structure. Such an attitude towards the history, typical to the Annales School, will help us to place intellectual life of the ancients in proper everyday context. There is one more reason why I have chosen these objects. One can say that these two institutions represent two different approaches to the way of life and the methods of education. On the one hand, one can see here the evolution of educational system from free discourses to more familiar for our educational system formal instructions. On the other hand, Plato's Academy reminds us of the contemporary tendency of organizing scientific life far from the densely populated cities in the form of university's campuses, which, to some extent, constitutes a return to the classical paradigm.

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  • Athenian school of Neoplatonism
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