Возможности и перспективы применения трехмерной визуализации как инструмента анализа в археологии

L. V. Zotkina, V. S. Kovalev, A. V. Shalagina

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This paper propose a review of some directions of application of tridimensional visualization for different tasks in archaeological researches. Some first results of software development are represented here. This software is dedicated to improve and simplify some analytical procedures of work with different types of archaeological sources on the basis of tridimensional reconstructions. We talk about a scar-pattern analysis of lithic artifacts, dedicated to reveal the sequences of production of Paleolithic tools. And also about techno-traceological research in rock art, which has a purpose to define specific techniques of petroglyphs production to distinguish technological traditions. The represented review and the first results of approbation of special software 3DTracer demonstrate important trends in development of methodology in archaeological researches. This is a transition to a new level of possibilities of data correlation, thanks to improvement and unification of primary procedures in archaeological research.

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ЖурналScientific Visualization
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  • 3D
  • Archaeology
  • Paleolithic
  • Rock art
  • Scar-pattern analysis
  • Technology
  • Traceology and use-wear
  • Tridimensional visualization