φφ and J /ψφ mass spectra in decay Bs0 →j /ψφφ

A. A. Kozhevnikov

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The mass spectra of the φφ and J/ψφ states in the decay Bs0→J/ψφφ recently observed by LHCb are calculated in the model which takes into account the JP=0+,0-,2+ intermediate resonances R1, R2 in the φφ channel and the JP=1+ ones, X1, X2, in the J/ψφ channel. When obtaining the expressions for the effective amplitudes and mass spectra, the approximate threshold kinematics of the decay is used essentially. The R1-R2 and X1-X2 mixings arising due to the common decay modes φφ and J/ψφ, respectively, are also taken into account. The obtained expressions for the mass spectra are applied for extracting the information about masses and coupling constants of the resonances in the φφ and J/ψφ final states.

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ЖурналPhysical Review D
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