Uakitite, VN, a new mononitride mineral from uakit iron meteorite (IIAB)

Victor V. Sharygin, German S. Ripp, Grigoriy A. Yakovlev, Yurii V. Seryotkin, Nikolai S. Karmanov, Ivan A. Izbrodin, Victor I. Grokhovsky, Elena A. Khromova

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Uakitite was observed in small troilite–daubréelite (±schreibersite) inclusions (up to 100 µm) and in large troilite–daubréelite nodules (up to 1 cm) in Fe-Ni-metal (kamacite) of the Uakit iron meteorite (IIAB), Republic of Buryatia, Russia. Such associations in the Uakit meteorite seemed to form due to high-temperature (>1000 °C) separation of Fe-Cr-rich sulfide liquid from Fe-metal melt. Most inclusions represent alternation of layers of troilite and daubréelite, which may be a result of solid decay of an initial Fe-Cr-sulfide. These inclusions are partially resorbed and mainly located in fissures of the meteorite, which is now filled with magnetite, and rarely other secondary minerals. Phase relations indicate that uakitite is one of the early minerals in these associations. It forms isometric (cubic) crystals (in daubréelite) or rounded grains (in schreibersite). The size of uakitite grains is usually less than 5 µm. It is associated with sulfides (daubréelite, troilite, grokhovskyite), schreibersite and magnetite. Carlsbergite CrN, a more abundant nitride in the Uakit meteorite, was not found in any assemblages with uakitite. Physical and optical properties of uakitite are quite similar to synthetic VN: yellow and transparent phase with metallic luster; Mohs hardness: 9–10; light gray color with a pinky tint in reflected light; density (calc.) = 6.128 g/cm3. Uakitite is structurally related to the osbornite group minerals: carlsbergite CrN and osbornite TiN. Structural data were obtained for three uakitite crystals using the electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) technique. Fitting of the EBSD patterns for a synthetic VN model (cubic, Fm-3m, a = 4.1328(3) Å; V = 70.588(9) Å3; Z = 4) resulted in the parameter MAD = 0.14–0.37° (best-good fit). Analytical data for uakitite (n = 54, in wt. %) are: V, 71.33; Cr, 5.58; Fe, 1.56; N, 21.41; Ti, below detection limit (<0.005). The empirical formula (V0.91Cr0.07Fe0.02)1.00N1.00 indicates that chromium incorporates in the structure according to the scheme V3+ → Cr3+ (up to 7 mol. % of the carlsbergite end-member).

Original languageEnglish
Article number150
Number of pages19
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2020


  • Buryatia
  • Carlsbergite
  • Daubréelite
  • IIAB iron
  • Osbornite group
  • Troilite
  • Uakit meteorite
  • Uakitite
  • osbornite group
  • uakitite
  • carlsbergite
  • daubreelite
  • troilite
  • CRN


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