The Novosibirsk Free-Electron Laser Facility

O. A. Shevchenko, N. A. Vinokurov, V. S. Arbuzov, K. N. Chernov, I. V. Davidyuk, O. I. Deichuly, E. N. Dementyev, B. A. Dovzhenko, Ya V. Getmanov, Ya I. Gorbachev, B. A. Knyazev, E. I. Kolobanov, A. A. Kondakov, V. R. Kozak, E. V. Kozyrev, S. A. Krutikhin, V. V. Kubarev, G. N. Kulipanov, E. A. Kuper, I. V. KuptsovG. Ya Kurkin, L. E. Medvedev, S. V. Motygin, V. K. Ovchar, V. N. Osipov, V. M. Petrov, A. M. Pilan, V. M. Popik, V. V. Repkov, T. V. Salikova, M. A. Scheglov, I. K. Sedlyarov, S. S. Serednyakov, A. N. Skrinsky, S. V. Tararyshkin, A. G. Tribendis, V. G. Tcheskidov, P. D. Vobly, V. N. Volkov

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Abstract: The Novosibirsk FEL facility has three FELs installed on the first, second, and fourth orbits of the multiturn energy recovery linac (ERL). The first FEL covers the 90–240 μm range of wavelengths at an average radiation power of 0.5 kW with a pulse repetition rate of 5.6 or 11.2 MHz and a peak power of 1 MW. The second FEL operates in the 40–80 μm range of wavelengths at an average radiation power of 0.5 kW with a pulse-repetition rate of 7.5 MHz and a peak power of around 1 MW. These two FELs are the world’s most powerful (in terms of average power) sources of coherent narrow-band (less than 1%) radiation in their wavelength ranges. The third FEL was commissioned in 2015 to cover the 5–20 μm range of wavelengths. The Novosibirsk ERL is the world’s first and only multiturn ERL. Its distinctive features include a normally-conductive 180 MHz accelerating system, a direct current (DC) electrostatic electron gun with a control grid and thermionic cathode, three operating modes of the magnetic system, and a compact (6 × 40 m) design. The Novosibirsk FEL facility has been in operation for users of terahertz radiation since 2004.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)228-231
Number of pages4
JournalBulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2019


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