Altered rocks of the Onguren carbonatite complex in the Western Tansbaikal Region: Geochemistry and composition of accessory minerals

V. B. Savelyeva, E. P. Bazarova, V. V. Sharygin, N. S. Karmanov, S. V. Kanakin

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The paper discusses the mineralogy and geochemistry of altered rocks associated with calcite and dolomite–ankerite carbonatites of the Onguren dyke–vein complex in the Western Transbaikal Region. The alteration processes in the Early Proterozoic metamorphic complex and synmetamorphic granite hosting carbonatite are areal microclinization and riebeckitization; carbonates, phlogopite, apatite, and aegirine occur in the near-contact zones of the dolomite–ankerite carbonatite veins; and silicification is displayed within separated zones adjacent to the veins. In aluminosilicate rocks, microclinization was accompanied by an increasing content of K, Fe3+, Ti, Nb (up to 460 ppm), Th, Cu, and REE; Na, Ti, Fe3+, Mg, Nb (up to 1500 ppm), Zr (up to 2800 ppm), Ta, Th, Hf, and REE accumulated in the inner zone of the riebeckitization column. High contents of LnCe (up to 11200 ppm), U (23 ppm), Sr (up to 7000 ppm), Li (up to 400 ppm), Zn (up to 600 ppm), and Th (up to 700 ppm) are typical of apatite–phlogopite–riebeckite altered rock; silicified rock contains up to (ppm): 2000 Th, 20 U, 13000 LnCe, and 5000 Ва. Ilmenite and later rutile are the major Nb carriers in alkali altered rocks. These minerals contain up to 2 and 7 wt % Nb2O5, respectively. In addition, ferrocolumbite and aeschynite-(Ce) occur in microcline and riebeckite altered rocks. Fluorapatite containing up to 2.7 wt % (LnCe)2O3, monazite-(Ce), cerite-(Ce), ferriallanite-(Ce), and aeschynite-(Ce) are the REE carriers in riebeckite altered rock. Bastnäsite-(Ce), rhabdophane-group minerals, and xenotime-(Y) are typical of silicified rock. Thorite, monazite-(Ce), and rhabdophane-group minerals are the Th carriers.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)315-340
Number of pages26
JournalGeology of Ore Deposits
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2017



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