Реоартериогепатография - иной подход к оценке артериального кровообращения печени

Translated title of the contribution: Reoarteriogepatography - different approach to assessment of the arterial circulation of the liver

В.Б. Гервазиев, А.Г. Михайлов, Екатерина Андреевна Яковец

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The purpose of a reoarteriogepatografical research is development of noninvasive, purposeful, methodically adequate way of a research and control of blood circulation in a liver. Instead of registration of pulse fluctuations of a krovenapolneniye of fabrics of the right half of a chest wall, a liver and the right lumbar area. Reoarteriogepatography reflects advance of pulse wave of pressure directly only in the arterial course of a liver from a regional main artery to organ, segmentary and its microcirculator branchings. Based on the new principle of a reography - reoarterioorganography, a method consists in inclusion in an electrical circuit of the probing current of a reograf of the regional and organ arterial course of a liver through the transit aorto ileal arterial segment. Use of a way is reached by imposing of one electrode on the average line of a stomach at the level of perkussion the defined left hepatic lobe under a xiphoidal shoot, and the second - in a point of a pulsation of the general femoral artery. Pulse waves of pressure of hepatic arteries of muscular type block pulse fluctuations of a gleam of rigid transit main arteries in size and form a hemodynamic configuration of a reoarteriogepatogramm without distortions from arteries of adjacent fabrics. Therefore comparison of the offered way of a reoarteriography research of a liver in comparison with the known ways of a reography is given. Functional loads - meal, and others find reflection in a configuration reogramm which form is influenced by change of a blood-groove in a liver
Translated title of the contributionReoarteriogepatography - different approach to assessment of the arterial circulation of the liver
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)43-47
Number of pages5
JournalНаучное обозрение. Медицинские науки
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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  • 76.29 Clinical medicine

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