Проблемы качественного и количественного анализа летучих веществ растений

Translated title of the contribution: Tkachev A.V. Problems of qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant volatiles

N. N. Vorozhtsov

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Strategies for the analysis of plant volatiles have changed significantly over the past 15-20 years due to the introduction of new approaches to sample preparation and analysis, including approaches developed for other areas and currently applied to the analysis of plant metabolites. Any analysis of plant substances consists of two steps. The first step includes collection, primary processing, conservation, storage and extraction of plant material to prepare samples for research. The second step is the actual analysis of the samples by particular set of chromatographic, spectral and/or hybrid (hyphenated) techniques. Attention of scientific publications is usually focused on the second step, whereas the first step is "behind the scenes." However, it is at the first step that significant processes inside the biomaterial occur. It is impossible to correctly and adequately evaluate the final result of the research wthout regard to these processes. At both steps of research work, specific problems arise, the discussion of which is the subject of this review. Wide distribution of the modern chromatographic instrumetns equipped with contemporary sofisticated software led to the fact that a significant part of the experiment is performed in an automatic mode. However, one must understand that improving the technique of the experiment does not change the basis of the method, and therefore does not eliminate the fundamental limitations of the method used. Therefore, to avoid errors in the publication of the results, all the experimental data obtained in an automatic mode should be subjected to an impartial revision by the experimenter taking into account all known limitations inherent in methods used for separation and detecting of components. In order to correctly interpret the data obtained, it is necessary to know the entire history of the sample under investigation, and for this, all manipulations with plant material - from collection of raw materials and to final sample preparation - must be carefully documented. Only in this case one can expect to receive meaningful research results.

Translated title of the contributionTkachev A.V. Problems of qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant volatiles
Original languageRussian
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JournalKhimiya Rastitel'nogo Syr'ya
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2017
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  • Gas chromatography
  • Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
  • Plant volatiles
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