Культура дянь (диен) как вариант донгшонской цивилизации

Translated title of the contribution: Dian (diene) culture as a variant of the dongshonskaya civilization

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Shichzhay-shan, is the most developed culture among numerous cultures of the dongshonsko-dyanskaya cultural community (territorial and chronological variants) with its developed bronze-casting production connected with the lakes of Dianhu, Usyankhu and Xingyunhu, the territory of the Dian Kingdom. This period dates from the 5th century BC to the 1st century AD, and earlier evidence of human settlements hasn’t yet been found. Excavated monuments include separate burials and necropolises of several different periods (Dabona, Vantszyaba, Shich-zhayshan, Lijiashan andYangfutou) with a rich collection of artifacts (weapons, agricultural tools, decor, musical instruments from iron to gold but mostly of them in bronze). The weapons and socalled drums are especially well documented and a bronze plate with a unique example of a dyansky manuscript has been found. Unique images on bronze drums and separate figures and items made of bronze allow one to reconstruct dwellings, clothes, hair styles, rituals and economic activities etc. This makes up for the usual lack of information usually found when studying settlements. This ware collection reflects the contacts between the Diants, the Hans and the other ethnic inhabitants of three kingdoms (Chu, Ba and Shu) reveals not only a large variety of local cultural components, but also the influence from the North (allegedly, Saksky and/or Gunno-Sarmatian cultures) and from the South (the Vyet culture) and from the Ban Chiang culture in Thailand.
Translated title of the contributionDian (diene) culture as a variant of the dongshonskaya civilization
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