Клетки рака молочной железы изменяют чувствительность к гормональным и ростовым стимулам при 3D-культивировании

Translated title of the contribution: Breast Cancer Cells in 3D Models Changes Their Response to Hormonal and Growth Factors

A. A. Nushtaeva, M. M. Savinkova, M. S. Ermakov, M. E. Varlamov, D. D. Novak, V. A. Ricnter, O. A. Koval

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The aim of this study was to investigate the formation and growth of mono- (3D) and heterogeneous (3D-2) spheroids consisting of stromal cells and tumor cells simulating three types of BC: ER + /PR + ; HER2 + ; ER- / PR- / HER2- including under exposure to 17-β estradiol and TGFβ. MCF7, MDA-MB-231 and SK-BR-3 BC cell lines were used as a models for 3D cultures, and BN120f fibroblasts of healthy breast tissue were used for 3D-2 spheroids. In this work, we proposed uniform 3D culturing conditions for all three cultures of breast cancer cells, which produce proliferating spheroids. Morphological analysis of the spheroids showed that co-culture of tumor and stromal cells in 3D-2 model leads to the formation of more rounded and structured spheroids than in 3D monoculture, imitating self-organization into microtissue. It was found that 17β-estradiol stimulates cell proliferation in 3D and 3D-2 spheroids regardless tumor type simulation by cells used, whereas in the 2D model MDA-MB-231 cells are not sensitive to 17β-estradiol. Then incorporated into spheroids, MDA-MB-231 cells have lost the sensitivity to TGFβ while SK-BR-3 cells become TGFβ-sensitive. Thus, 3D and 3D-2 cell models of breast cancer are shown to be essential tools in studying tumor progression and important in testing new antitumor approaches, despite the existing 2D models.

Translated title of the contributionBreast Cancer Cells in 3D Models Changes Their Response to Hormonal and Growth Factors
Original languageRussian
Article number5
Pages (from-to)353-365
Number of pages13
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • 17-β estradiol
  • 3D cell cultures
  • breast cancer
  • cell lines
  • epidermal growth factor receptor type 2 (HER2)
  • stromal cells
  • transforming growth factor beta (TG β)
  • tumor cells



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  • 34 BIOLOGY


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