Использование онлайн-платформ для обучения новой лексике студентов старших курсов

Translated title of the contribution: Using online platform for new lexice students

Агния Николаевна Чистякова, Ольга Валерьевна Хоцкина

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Authors of the article based on their practical experience overview the use of «words of the year» when teaching through online applications. The importance of the present research is in the fact that it deals with the active implementation of Information Technologies in teaching at university. The corresponding changes are stipulated by the new requirements written down in educational standards as well as new interests of students. More and more various online applications are being developed that can be used either in class or at home. The overall aim of the paper is to describe methodology when students work independently with new vocabulary especially «words of the year» applying a range of online educational instruments. We used the following criteria for selection: «words of the year» were selected both in English and Chinese to test the universal nature of several applications. The words cover a broad range of topics from IT to politics and economics. That is why they can be used while teaching various disciplines and subject areas. The following online applications were tested by the authors: Quizlet, Kahoot!, Telescopic texts, Anki, Memrise, Nearpod, Quizziz and Crossword Puzzle Maker. The main criteria for the choice of these applications was the easy accessibility meaning free of charge minimal package and compatibility with such operating systems as iOS, Windows and Android. When testing the applications authors described their main functionality and pointed out drawbacks. Moreover, various vocabulary tasks have been described, such as work with words’ definitions, creating contexts with the words, etc. The applications to create crosswords and puzzles were described separately. The present study helped to understand that such applications can help in being a part of educational process providing a platform to teach a variety of subjects and allow students to create such vocabulary resources for themselves. This kind of take home activities can help in making students more motivated to work with online applications and tools while enlarging their active/passive vocabulary of a foreign language.
Translated title of the contributionUsing online platform for new lexice students
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)3804-3814
Number of pages11
JournalПрофессиональное образование в современном мире
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2020



State classification of scientific and technological information

  • 14.25 Secondary school. Pedagogy of secondary school


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