Информационная система «Древнейшее искусство Сибири и Дальнего Востока» – новый научно-образовательный ресурс в Новосибирском государственном университете

Translated title of the contribution: Information System “Prehistory Art of Siberia and the Far East”: A New Scientific and Educational Resource in Novosibirsk State University

Людмила Валентиновна Лбова, Владислав Витальевич Казаков, Каир Бекбатырович Жумадилов

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Purpose. Development of electronic educational resources in the humanitarian environment of higher school is an urgent problem of modern education. The aim of our work is to systematize didactic forms and approaches to the development of e-learning resources as exemplified by the interactive educational and methodological complex “Prehistoric Art of Siberia and the Far East”. Results. We describe models of electronic tutorials in terms of a modern direction, development of interactive teaching complexes. An original proprietary information system “Prehistoric Art of Siberia and the Far East” (mobileart.artemiris.org) contains information on the monuments of the Paleolithic age of Siberia, which is presented in a systematic way. Objects of the Siberian Paleolithic collections are attributed, provided with a scientific description, photographs, macro, three-dimensional models and a list of references. Conclusion. Modern education at the university supposes a wide usage of information technology. Interactive educational and methodological complexes today can fully satisfy this need. 3D technology proposed for presenting archaeological materials not only provides effective illustrations of the context, but also implements a new, more sophisticated methodology for studying historical and cultural heritage. Enhanced capabilities of working with a virtual model of archaeological objects allow researchers and students to get more information remotely, which reduces the anthropogenic load on the object under study. The complex developed implies non-contact processing of museum exhibits with varying degrees of damage, using computer simulation techniques for the pre-excavation state of reconstruction, provides an opportunity to restore badly damaged or even gone objects and to preserve the model shape with a possibility of subsequent replication. All of the above forces us to open a new course in the educational programs for archaeology students. It is assumed that this educational segment will find its place in the new Federal State Educational Standard and will contribute to the formation of the competencies of a modern specialist
Translated title of the contributionInformation System “Prehistory Art of Siberia and the Far East”: A New Scientific and Educational Resource in Novosibirsk State University
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)9-20
Number of pages12
JournalВестник Новосибирского государственного университета. Серия: История, филология
Issue number5: Археология и этнография
Publication statusPublished - 2019



State classification of scientific and technological information


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