Биотехнология: практикум по культивированию клеточных культур: Сер. Высшее образование: Бакалавриат

Translated title of the contribution: Biotechnology. Workshop on cell culture

Мамедьяр Шакир Оглы Азаев, Татьяна Николаевна Ильичёва, Людмила Федоровна Бакулина, Александра Анатольевна Дадаева, Екатерина Сергеевна Генина, Леонид Рудольфович Лебедев, Вадим Николаевич Гуреев, Сергей Викторович Нетёсов, Александр Петрович Агафонов

Research output: Book/ReportTeaching manualpeer-review


The manual presents the main methodological approaches to working with cell cultures: management of cell cultures, their passirovanie, counting cells per unit volume, preparation of antibiotic solutions, dispersing solutions and nutrient media for working with cell cultures, contamination of cell cultures and methods of its detection, cryopreservation of cells, safety when working in a box room with cell cultures, Biosafety when working with cell cultures.
Meets the requirements of the Federal state educational standards of higher education of the last generation.
Designed for professionals and undergraduate students qualified in the field of biotechnology and Virology to solve a wide range of problems.
Translated title of the contributionBiotechnology. Workshop on cell culture
Original languageRussian
Place of PublicationМосква
PublisherИздательский дом "Инфра-М"
Number of pages142
ISBN (Electronic)978-5-16-107108-3
ISBN (Print)978-5-16-014611-9
Publication statusPublished - 2020

State classification of scientific and technological information

  • 62.01 Total biotechnology

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