Белый и черный цвета при описании человека в казахском языке в сравнении с английским и русским языками

Translated title of the contribution: Color names "white" and "black" in descriptions of person in the Kazakh language vs. English and Russian

Майя Абжапарова

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This article is dedicated to the problem of color perception in the language worldview in describing a person according to the «black and white» color palette in Kazakh, English and Russian; it also examines phraseological units that feature these colors. Color is one of the principles of culture; many cultural phenomena cannot be understood without taking into account the importance of color. In particular, in descriptions of person one can distinguish a number of general associative color fields with similarities and differences. A study of phraseological dictionaries of the Kazakh, English and Russian languages, as well as works of fiction, has revealed that the color designation "ақ-белый-white" and "қара-черный-black" differ in their versatility in describing one’s appearance, character and social status. Subject: color perception in the language worldview of Russian, Kazakh and English speakers. The purpose of the work: to identify common and differential manifestations of white and black in different linguocultures using lexemes "ақ – белый – white" and "қара – черный – black" in phraseological units. Method of investigation: semantic and communicative analysis. In Kazakh, Russian, and English, white and black colors in description of person have a wide scope of application. Their frequency means that these color codes are part of a group of tokens with a high potential for phraseological activity. These colors are actively used both in everyday life and fiction when a person is described with the help of color contrasts. Material of the research: the paper features phraseological units with the elements of color identification "white", "black" and "red" from verbal folklore and Kazakh literature classics, as well as works by Russian and English writers.
Translated title of the contributionColor names "white" and "black" in descriptions of person in the Kazakh language vs. English and Russian
Original languageRussian
Article number22
Pages (from-to)160-167
Number of pages8
JournalВестник Кемеровского государственного университета
Issue number1 (73)
Publication statusPublished - 2018



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