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The scientific problems of the laboratory of ultrahigh pressure mineralogy are associated with a comprehensive mineralogical and geochemical study of mineral-forming processes in the earth's crust and mantle associated with the genesis of diamond and the formation of gold ore and rare-metal ore occurrences, including deposits in the Arctic region of Russia.
The main areas of research:
• Comprehensive mineralogical-geochemical studies of mineral-forming processes in the earth's crust and mantle, implemented in the range of Р-Т-ƒО2 conditions using modern analytical methods.
• Experimental modeling of mineral-forming processes and the genesis of diamond using the original domestic multi-punch technique of ultrahigh pressures developed at the IGM SB RAS. Determination of the boundary conditions of diamond crystallization and indicator properties due to the parameters and composition of the medium.
• Studying the processes of the genesis of diamond and minerals associated with it in various geodynamic settings, including metamorphic complexes of ultrahigh pressures, kimberlites and xenoliths of deep rocks. Considerable attention is paid to the study of natural diamonds, as well as to their inclusion aimed at developing models of the diamond genesis and related to global problems of mantle mineralogy and the deep carbon cycle.
• Study of the processes and mechanisms of the formation and transformation of carbon and carbon-containing minerals and materials, including nanomaterials, the study of their morphology, properties and real structure, as well as the assessment of stability and transformation conditions in the field of high pressures and temperatures.
• Studies of gold and silver minerals, including gold-silver chalcogenides and their associations, aimed at the reconstruction of productive mineral-forming processes. Assessment of the features of the composition, structure and formation conditions of gold-silver chalcogenides - additional sources of Au and Ag in gold deposits

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  • Geological and Geophysical Investigations in the Arctic and Global Priorities


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